A warm environment in winter and cool in summer puts the customer comfortable and encourages him to purchase. In the design phase of a shopping mall, therefore, the ventilation system dedicated to the main structure must be arranged. To realize this we must consider the dimensions, the geometry, the distribution of the spaces to be air-conditioned, their use and occupation during the day. Factors such as natural lighting and the thermo-physical characteristics of opaque structures are equally important.

In the initial phase, therefore, some essential points have to be defined as:

• the potential committed by the plants;

• use of the various vector fluids for heating and cooling services;

• the availability or not of different sources of energy;

• free contributions of heat inside;

• the location and functionality of the equipment;

• space ventilation;

• the laws in force.

As much important is the presence offood courts, in the presence of which, in fact, the external air flow necessary for the ventilation of the vapors must be considerably increased. As in the presence of smoking rooms, more attention needs to be paid to air changes.

All design indications are established by the regulations in force. As for the facilities for shopping centers, an element that should be considered is the coexistence of very different exercises and activities. For example, in the same center live fast food, diners, restaurants, food supermarkets, general stores, etc. with very different needs. It is therefore necessary to rely on specialized companies, who can identify suitable solutions.